The couple found a way to go back in time: they celebrated their golden wedding

It’s already been 50 years, the husband and wife, originally from Iowa, are officially married.
They celebrated their golden wedding a few months ago. Of course, they wanted to make this day special, and they did.

The couple found a good way to step back half a century and experience the same feelings again

They sought help from experts in their field and turned to a well-known photo salon.

The owner liked this idea very much, and he himself decided to help the spouses.

In order to faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of this important day, Sam organized the filming in the church where the couple got married many years ago, and also managed to repeat all the details he saw on old photographs.

Amazingly, the couple not only kept their wedding outfits, but were able to put them on.

Can you imagine how much joy the woman had? Well, another half century has passed, but the figure has not changed at all!

Modern photos fully displayed from old images.

During this time, the couple has been through a lot. They had children and grandchildren, overcame all the hardships, always supported each other in difficult situations. In short, a classic story.

It is unusual and at the same time exciting that these people have managed to carry their love through time, and have not started to love each other one iota less.

You do not believe ? Then take a look at these photos. Their eyes shine with true happiness.

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