The couple wanted to adopt these children. But then the doctors shocked them with the news

Sarah and Andy met in college, after which they were inseparable. After graduating from university, the young people immediately got married. And, of course, we were looking forward to the addition. The couple really wanted to have a child, but Sarah could not get pregnant.

Doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause. Young people did not have money for artificial insemination. The only way out is adoption. Andy and Sarah quickly found a pregnant woman who was ready to give her child to another family. Everything went according to plan. But shortly before the birth of the baby, the phone rang in the house.

The woman, with whom the spouses agreed on adoption, gave birth before the term, but not one child, three! She hid it for eight months. Most likely, the young girl was afraid that Sarah and Andy might refuse the adoption after learning that she was pregnant with triplets.

But the couple were unshakable. The stunning news did not cause a shadow of doubt in future parents! A month later, they became mom and dad to the wonderful Joel, Anna and Elizabeth. These beautiful babies were born at eight months old, so at first they needed constant medical care.

Everything else was just great. Everything seemed to be going according to plan again. But before the young spouses had time to move away from the first shock, another amazing news awaited them! Sarah was pregnant! Not having time to get used to the role of parents, the spouses were already waiting for replenishment again.

Fate decided to repay the spouses in full for the years of waiting: Sarah was pregnant with twins. The woman recalls how, having learned the unexpected news, she dialed her husband’s number with trembling hands: “Boy or girl?” – he asked. I could not find words, I could only squeeze out: “Well, one boy” He immediately understood everything. “Don’t worry, we can handle it!” he said. Soon Andrew was born and Abigail.

Within one year, Sarah and Andy became the parents of five children. Naturally, the parents spent the first months without sleep, constantly changing their babies’ diapers. Three hundred diapers in a week!9_result“If we could return everything, we would do the same. Now we are an ideal family, and our five little ones are the biggest treasure in the world!” – says Sarah. Here is such an ideal family, brave and resilient. May they all have a perfect future.

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