The couple went to a restaurant, but it was necessary to go to the casino. There was a surprise in their plates and, as it turned out, from Fortune

Anton and Cheryl Shermer from the USA went to one of the seafood restaurants to dine in a pleasant atmosphere, writes the New York Post. Having taken a seat at the table, the couple began to study the menu and opted for oysters. After some time, the waiters brought the dishes, and the couple began to eat.

Soon Anton felt a foreign object in his mouth. When the man spat it out onto the plate, both spouses froze in silence. No, it was not Mr. Shermer’s tooth, but a real pearl. The gem was small in size, but shone in all its glory.

The surprised husband and wife began to suspect that one of the restaurant employees had put the pearl in the dish, but decided not to make a fuss. The couple explained the situation to the waiters, who gave the information to the owner of the establishment, and the latter contacted the suppliers.

According to Kevin Joseph, a spokesman for the oyster company, he has never seen such a case.

In my entire career, I have seen hundreds of thousands of oysters, but I have never found pearls in them. This event happens once in a lifetime.

In the end, the participants in the incident faced the question of what to do with the pearl and to whom it still belongs: the restaurant or the visitors. However, the Shermer family showed their best side – the couple kindly handed over the jewel to the owner of the establishment.

The restaurateur promised not to sell the stone and even found a new use for it. The man is going to make a frame for it and hang it over the entrance to the restaurant, so that finding lucky guests will bring good luck to other visitors.

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