The daughter planned to prank her own brother, but, in the end, the entire plan turned against her.

,” the doctor with a stern look said, “the medical board has decided to disconnect Maxim’s life support equipment. You can sit with him.
Say your goodbyes…”, head hanging, shuffled along with the medical staff. However, as soon as she closed the door behind her, transformed. With a satisfied face, she approached her brother’s bed. “Hey, little brother, are we going to say goodbye? You didn’t need to come here.”
Familiarly, she settled on the bed. “Your appearance ruined my future. Dad always wanted a son. And then you show up. Suddenly, there’s an apartment and a car for you. Sent to study, given a position as a personal assistant. I’ve been working at the firm since I was 15, earning trust the hard way, while everything was handed to you on a silver platter just because you’re male.
According to you, is that fair? Should I rewrite the will in your favor? Is that right? Will I get a bonus-marry? All the barking won’t help you, brother. Money rules. Apparently, the guys have swindled a bit. However… those things that the brotherhood hasn’t finished, the doctor will finish.”

“Enough!” The door opened with a bang, and a formidable-looking man entered the room. turned pale, leaned back, and stared at the wall. “Dad?!” whispered. “Aren’t you supposed to be on a business trip?!” “Did you seriously believe I’d leave the hayfield in such a state?! She’s been working since she was 15. Turning her ass for the guys. Your affairs were the least of her concerns. Or, in your opinion, someone unknown did your duties for you? Now look to the right.” He turned-Roman was sitting on the bed. “But the doctors said…” mumbled. Police officers entered the room. One of them walked over to the girl.
“, you are suspected of embezzlement within the organization. When they led the broken girl away with such an accusation, turned to his father: “Won’t you let her be arrested? It would be better if I go…” “And who will allow you to leave?” Weary, replied. “I’ll find good lawyers for. She won’t get much. I hope she comes out of prison a different person.”

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