The daughter went on a diet – and now her father is unrecognizable. This is not a failure in the system, but mutual responsibility

The adult daughter went on a diet and became a different person. True, her father at that time also did not waste time in vain.

The girl decided to pull herself together and say no to a passive lifestyle and unhealthy fast food, going on a diet, only she began to lose weight not alone – she found an accomplice. This is her father, and he has changed no less.

Everyone struggles with excess weight in their own ways: someone leaves everything as it is (however, the price is the ability to walk), while others still try to change their habits, fearing for their health. When Beth Young, a resident of East Yorkshire, began to feel health problems, she finally decided to take control of her condition, writes the Daily Mail.

The girl went on a diet and after a while, she stopped recognizing herself in the mirror. In addition, Beth managed to motivate her own father to take on the appearance. Thus began the family journey of metamorphosis.

I tried to deny my weight. For a while, I completely stopped looking in the mirror and began to hide in the photo. I could easily eat takeaway meals five times a week, my father was no better, admitted Beth.

The daughter said that she had not been so close with her father before, but their common goal made them a real indestructible duet.

Honestly, I doubt that I could cope without my dad. He was always there: he celebrated with me my ups and consoled me during my falls, – shared Beth.

Health problems in 28-year-old Beth began in adolescence, but they were associated with the heart. The girl had to go through surgery and a long recovery.

I have never been thin, but until some point, I did not suffer from excess weight. I started eating a lot just out of boredom. I was very emotional and fed up with everything that was happening. So I just ate,” the girl explained.

Beth said that she had been the subject of bullying and gossip more than once, but she could admit her problems only when there was no way back, and the diet became the only way to save her life.

The girl began to attend a special support group and replaced fast food with cereals, and fatty foods with vegetables. It was then that Beth began to notice how her life was changing. She inspired her father by her example.

He lost more weight in the first week than I ever did. We have become even closer and constantly motivate each other to work harder. If one of us is upset, we immediately remind each other what a long way has already been passed, – shared Beth.

The girl’s father admitted that he is grateful to his daughter for helping him get on his feet because now he feels younger and healthier than before. Beth herself is glad that she finally feels comfortable in her own body.

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