“The daughter woke up in the morning and told me that she had seen a strange old lady walking in the cemetery in her dream. I immediately understood that we needed to take action urgently

In the morning, I was getting ready for work. My daughter was having breakfast and started telling me, “I saw Grandma in my dream; she looked so angry, I even got scared. She was walking in the cemetery.” I asked, “Could it be from a scary movie you watched last night?” She replied, “No, I didn’t watch anything. But Grandma was walking with a big hunchback.” My daughter stood up and started imitating a hunched walk, which was eerily familiar to me. It was exactly how my grandmother used to walk. I immediately called my sister, who also got frightened, as something seemed amiss.

My sister consulted with a wise woman at her workplace. She asked if we attended church, but my sister and I couldn’t even remember the last time we lit candles. We hadn’t visited our grandmother’s grave in our village for a long time. However, we decided to go there on the weekend because my daughter kept telling me about her dreams every morning.

With each passing day, my daughter’s descriptions of Grandma became scarier, and everything around her in the dream turned dirty and black. I was worried about my daughter’s well-being. Finally, the weekend came, and my sister and I went to the cemetery. When we found our grandmother’s grave, we were shocked.
It was overgrown with weeds, and we couldn’t even see the tombstone. We spent the whole day cleaning it up, painting the fence, and, at the end of the day, we went to the village church. After that, my daughter never saw Grandma again, and my sister and I felt much calmer. Now, we attend church weekly and light candles for Grandma.

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