The doctors said that she would not have children, but surprisingly she became pregnant

Monica Dylan from Medway (Great Britain) was just in despair – the doctors once again confirmed that her chances of getting pregnant are zero. To unwind a little, the woman went on a Mediterranean cruise and, having met a man, spent only one night with him. And when she returned home, Monica was surprised and delighted to find that she would have a child. Yes, not one, but twins.

Monica Dylan knew for a long time that she had problems with fertility. A few years ago, during the examination, it was discovered that she had dysfunction of the ovaries and they produce an insufficient number of follicles. Therefore, doctors honestly warned: she would not be able to conceive naturally. The only way out is IVF.

But the woman was in no hurry to resort to artificial insemination. Firstly, because in the depths of her soul she still hoped that she could become pregnant herself. And, secondly, none of the men she met, for some reason, did not show a desire to become a father.

At the end of May 2018, when Monica was already 41 years old, she once again went for a medical examination. But the miracle that the woman so hoped for did not happen again: the doctors only confirmed that her chances of getting pregnant were zero. In complete desperation, Monica shared her problems with her best friend Anita Bristol. No sooner said than done! And soon both friends were already boarding the ship, which was going on a cruise in the Mediterranean.

Literally a day after visiting Rome, Monica and Anita met two attractive young men on the ship. It is quite natural that a romantic evening with a casual acquaintance smoothly turned into a romantic night. At the same time, according to Monica, they drank so much that none of them even remembered contraception. Returning from the cruise, Monica immediately felt unwell – she often felt nauseous and dizzy.

But the girl was sure that these were the consequences of a long stay at sea and did not worry. In the first two trimesters, the pregnancy proceeded normally, but at 37 weeks, a rupture of one placenta was discovered during the examination. The doctors decided to perform an emergency cesarean section. And on January 5, 2019, two days before Monica turned 42, twin girls Athena and Luna were born, each weighing 5 pounds and 5 ounces

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