The doctors said that their child has no chance, and now he is 1.5 years old

The fact that baby Mikey Barone would not live, the doctors did not doubt for a minute. And how could it be otherwise, because the child was born as much as 15 weeks ahead of schedule and weighed only 1 pound and 10 ounces, that is, about 740 grams.

But the baby’s parents, Christina and Michael Barone, refused to believe the doctors and continued to hope for a miracle. And it happened! Against all odds, little Mikey survived. He recently turned 1.5 years old and happy parents will finally be able to take him home from the hospital. But first things first.

The amazing story of little Mikey and his parents was told by journalists from the Daily Mail newspaper.

Residents of Buffalo, New York, 40-year-old Michael and 37-year-old Christina Barone, wanted more than anything else to have a child. But all their attempts to conceive a baby were unsuccessful. True, after Christina was treated for infertility for 4.5 years, she managed to get pregnant. But, unfortunately, even at an early date she had a miscarriage.

Desperate, the Barones were already thinking about IVF, when, having taken another test, Christina was surprised to see two cherished stripes on it.

“I just couldn’t believe my luck. Really, after so many years, the Lord took pity and gave us a baby, ”recalls Christina.

Most of all, Christina and Michael were afraid that the pregnancy would again end in a miscarriage. But weeks passed after weeks, month after month, the deadline was over half, and the couple calmed down: they believed that this time everything would be fine.

However, as it turned out, the joy was premature: at the 25th week of pregnancy, Christina’s blood pressure jumped sharply. In addition, ultrasound showed that the kidneys and liver of a woman can not cope with the load and can fail at any time.

“The doctors said that if I didn’t terminate the pregnancy, then I could die. Therefore, 15 weeks before the end of the term, they performed a caesarean section on me, ”says Christina.

Baby Mikey was born on July 5, 2017. According to Christina, he looked like a small doll with a thin body and a disproportionately large head. The kid could not only eat, but also breathe, so he was immediately connected to a ventilator.

“A few days after Mikey was born, the doctor called Michael and me into the office and said that our boy had no chance. He said that while we are still not used to the child, we must make a decision to disconnect him from the artificial respiration apparatus, ”Kristina recalls with tears in her eyes.

But the Barones were categorically against such a decision. They continued to believe that if the Lord had given them a child, he should not let him die.Since then, 545 days and nights have passed. And all these days and nights Christina spent near her son.

“I felt that he needed me and could not leave my baby for a minute,” the woman recalls.

Baby Mikey has grown up and is already strong enough. Therefore, at the end of December 2018, the doctors were going to discharge the baby home. Happy Michael and Christina were already planning how the three of them would celebrate Christmas and New Year. But, unexpectedly, Mikey showed symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and was transferred to another treatment center.

Immediately after the holidays, the baby had several operations. And, in order to support their son, loving parents decorated his room with festive lights and decorated a Christmas tree.

And in February 2019, when Mikey Barone is already more than 1 year and 7 months old, he is finally discharged home. True, the baby is still very weak and still cannot eat on his own, but he already breathes on his own.

“I am looking forward to warm weather when I can take my beloved son for a walk. After all, I need to show him the whole world, about which he still knows nothing, ”the moved Michael Barone shares his plans. And crying Christina says that she would like to look into the eyes of those doctors who in July 2017 did not give her son a single chance.

“Here it is, our pride, our happiness, our joy,” the woman laughs through her tears.

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