The doctors told that the child has a chance, but money is needed. And then father decided

In this photo, little Liam Morseman from New York is only one year old. Unfortunately, he was born with spina bifida. This means that his spine was not fully developed in his mother’s womb. To give the boy at least a chance at a normal life, the parents had to pay a lot of money for physical therapy, intensive care and quality treatment. Sarah and Brian Morseman couldn’t afford that.

Liam’s desperate father decides to run three marathons to earn money for his son’s treatment. He needed the grand prize. Brian, like crazy, begins to prepare for the races. All three marathons were held in different states. The distance between the first and second was 50 miles.

Break is one night. Terrible stress for any human body. But the incredible happens: Liam’s dad wins all three marathons! This way he earned $5,570 and was able to pay all the hospital bills! “I thought about my son all the time and that his pain is much stronger than mine,” says the young father, “Liam inspired me to the very end!” “I am so proud of my husband! He worked 40 hours a week to run over 300 kilometers in record time.

And all just so that his family and little son get everything they need! I have the best husband in the world!” Sarah posted on Facebook. Three marathons were a real test for this young man. But it was all worth it. Liam underwent surgery, he has every chance to cope with the disease. There is nothing more joyful in the world than hugging your smiling and healthy child. Brian and Sarah deserve this happiness!

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