The driver lost more than 100 kg, and now they don’t recognize him: How he looks now

A man named Carl Prodrick worked as a driver for a large car company and never made sure to eat healthy and proper food: during the day, a driver from Rochester, England, often snacked on sandwiches and fast food from gas stations, where he, as one can logically assume, was a frequent visitor, says Metro.

After several years of work, the man noticed that he began to gain weight, and every month he became more and more, increasing literally before his eyes.

At the same time, Karl’s daughter Ruby was growing up, whom he often took away from kindergarten. It was the baby that became the reason for the driver to reconsider his lifestyle.

I noticed that every time I come for Ruby, her girlfriends and friends stare at me with wide eyes. I understood that for them I was just a huge giant.

Karl realized that soon his daughter would have to go to elementary school, where the attitude of her new friends towards an overweight dad might not be so loyal.


You know children. They will look for any weakness in order to offend someone. I didn’t want me to be the reason. In general, I would not want anyone to offend her, and decided to do everything not to give the haters weapons. True, Ruby herself never told me about my weight, but I understood everything perfectly. I didn’t want to be a “fat dad”.

No sooner said than done: the man seriously got down to business, changing not only his diet but also enrolling in the gym. The results exceeded all his expectations – in 10 months, Karl lost 63 kilograms. Although this was not enough for Rudy’s dad – he decided on a gastric bypass (an operation to reduce the size of the stomach) and got rid of another 57 kilograms.

Since then, Carl has been training five times a week and even decided to run the London Half Marathon to raise funds for cancer research.

I don’t want to work as a driver anymore, I’m tired of a sedentary lifestyle. I just traveled and ate, and a lot. Chips were my weakness and I could eat several packs of them a day. I didn’t feel any health issues, so if it wasn’t for Rudy, I don’t know if I would have made the decision to change or not. Now food is just fuel for me.

The main thing is that Karl’s weight loss process is correct and painless.

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