The embrace of a little girl comforting her scared dog during thunderstorms.

Dogs are known as man’s best friends, but they, like us, can experience fear, especially when exposed to loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms. In such a situation, a sweet little girl just over a year old showed incredible sensitivity and understanding, going beyond expectations to reassure her furry friend.


Little Melina realized that her four-legged friend, a Golden Retriever named Theodoro, was terrified of thunder noises. Instead of remaining indifferent, she took the initiative and tried to comfort her gentle friend. How did she do it? By talking to him in her baby language, hugging him with love, and staying by his side until he calmed down. This heartwarming moment was captured in a video that quickly captured the hearts of people on the Internet.

The video of the tender interaction between Melina and Theodoro was shared on Facebook in 2019 by Joyce F Basílio, Melina’s mother. Theodoro, the loyal four-legged friend, had kept Joyce company during her pregnancy and immediately accepted Melina into the home with love and affection. Golden Retrievers are known for their gentle temperament and affinity for children, and Theodoro was no exception, creating a unique bond with Melina.


Joyce encouraged the friendship between her daughter and the dog from the beginning, and soon they became inseparable. During a stormy day, Theodoro was frightened by the thunder and tried to take shelter in a corner of the laundry room. It was at that moment that Melina, showing maturity beyond her tender age, approached him, started hugging him, and talking to him in her baby way, managing to calm his fear. Joyce captured this sweet moment, showing the world the wonderful connection between the two.


With kisses, hugs, and babbling, Melina reassured her faithful four-legged friend, with whom she has shared her life from the beginning. Although the clip is short, it is enough to illustrate the emotional support dogs also need, and who better than a dear friend to offer it?

Melina and Theodoro continue to share their affectionate friendship and daily adventures through their Instagram account, @theodoroemelina. Their special bond continues to touch the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.


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