The evening affairs of the mother of ten’s horrified the entire network

Many viewers were horrified by the life of a mother of ten in the US – in a viral video, a woman showed how she washes a mountain of dishes until midnight, vacuums and collects the bags school backpack in the morning.

In the video, Alicia talks about how she cleans the house at the end of the day.Judging by the pictures, every evening the tiktoker washes away a mountain of dishes that have accumulated over the course of the day. Alicia also cleans up the mess in the bathroom – towels and clothes were strewn about by the little ones.

According to the blogger, in the evening she even has to apply toothpaste to the brushes of the ten little ones for morning hygiene procedures. In addition to preparing backpacks for school, the woman vacuums the house and carefully loads all the little ones’ gadgets.

The posted pictures quickly went viral, gaining over eight million views in two days. This routine takes so long that I often go to bed at midnight, and if I have a minute left, I browse social networks, added Alicia in her story.

– They can’t put toothpaste on their own toothbrushes? Or clean up after them? And a number of netizens have expressed concern that the mother’s actions will have a detrimental effect on the future life of the kids.

– These ten little ones are the future husbands or wives of someone. Please don’t do this for them.

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