The father made his daughter a prom queen, sewing her a luxurious prom dress

At graduation, all the girls want to shine and be the most beautiful.This girl living in the United States is lucky. She knew how to charm everyone with her dress, which her father sewed for her.

A graduate of one of the schools in New York, Penda Gwayne, did not have to worry about her prom dress. She didn’t have to surf the entire internet looking for the right outfit. She didn’t spend crazy money on her image.

The girl is lucky that her father named Abdullah is an excellent tailor. The man independently designed and sewed a beautiful lilac traditional dress.

Penda posted her outfit on Facebook. Abdullah’s work has garnered tens of thousands of likes and positive comments. Everyone congratulated the master, and also noticed that the girl was very lucky with her father.

By the way, Abdullah often sews dresses for his other daughter, Rama. He also became the outfit designer for Penda’s girlfriends.

“I love wearing dresses my dad designs. They are always very pretty and comfortable. At the same time, Dad has achieved such professionalism that he makes them very quickly. I think I already know what dress I will be in when I decide to get married, ”admits the girl.

This father really knows how to please his children.

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