The father made his daughter’s dream come true and he became a hero on the networks

Desiree Diehl is an American photographer specializing in photoshoots for little girls. Usually, the subjects of these photo shoots are of the same type: princesses, fairies, mermaids… But recently, his young client surprised him by asking him to accompany his dad to the birthday photo shoot. Laughing, the grown man agreed to participate. And even getting used to a new role.

Father and daughter acted as mermaids. They even received full-fledged costumes with large pink tails, seashell bodices and tiaras of real inhabitants of the seas. As the family waded through the shallow water, the photographer looked for interesting angles.

The photo shoot turned out to be quite diverse and intense. And on Facebook, she scored 31,000 likes, a thousand additional comments and almost 167,000 reposts.

In an article about this project, Desiree Diehl said it was one of her most interesting works, showing the bond between father and daughter. He is happy to have been able to help the family create such vivid memories.

Internet users have appreciated the project. And the courage of a father who knew how to get rid of his stereotypes about virility and masculinity to please his little girl. In their opinion, the adult heroine of the photo shoot will understand how much her father loves her.

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