The future father saw his wife’s ultrasound and discovered a new emotion. But people are sure – we should not rejoice, but look for three jobs

Samantha and Jason Glill from Waverly, USA, are already raising their one-year-old son Orion, but are expecting a new addition to the family. Wanting to find out who the baby will have – a brother or sister, they arrived at the hospital on May 27 to do an ultrasound, writes

Due to the new internal “coronavirus” rules of the medical facility, Jason could not go inside and waited for the results of the study in the car in the parking lot, entertaining Orion. After receiving the results of the procedure, Samantha turned on the recording on the phone in advance and got into the car with her husband.

When asked by her husband if everything went well, the girl answered in the affirmative, and Jason asked Orion if he was ready to see a picture of his brother or sister, and then accepted an envelope with a sonogram from the girl’s hands.

However, instead of the baby’s gender, the man read “Child “A”. The smile immediately fell off his face, because Jason thought that his wife was playing a prank on him and slipped a fake picture from the Internet, as many parents do, replacing children on sonograms with xenomorphs.

Are you joking? Grill asked.

Samantha retaliated by shoving him a second envelope labeled “Baby ‘B'” and Jason decided they were going to have twins.

But he was mistaken – his wife had another envelope in her hands, in which something terrible turned out to be. Certainly not as frightening as the sonogram of a woman from Australia, whose appearance suggests thoughts of the other world, but on the third envelope was written “Child “C”.

The realization of what he saw tore apart Grill with a flurry of emotions. Shock mixed with joy, and the man refused to believe that he would become the father of three babies at once.

Holy… Damn it… What are we going to do? Oh my God! he exclaimed.

Turning to Orion, the man showed him the envelopes, as if trying to find out if he was imagining things.

Do you understand what’s going on? Can you count? There are three babies in the mother’s tummy.

Orion just chuckled in response.

Samantha posted her husband’s reaction to the triplets news on Instagram and on her YouTube channel, where the videos immediately became popular.

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