The gift made by family members surprised the man so much that he started to cry: He could not believe his eyes

The man had long dreamed of buying himself new sneakers, which he once saw in a shoe store. However, their price was much more than the financial capabilities of the family, so the purchase had to be postponed until better times. On his birthday, the head of the family returned to the store again to buy himself sneakers that were not as expensive as those he dreamed of.

However, the family was aware of the wishes of the father, so they prepared a surprise for him. And while dad walked and chose the model of shoes he liked, his relatives were already standing at the checkout and paying for the purchase.

A few seconds later, his daughter approached him with a bag containing the very sneakers that her father so dreamed of. But dad, of course, had no idea what was inside, so he was very surprised by this turn of events.

However, then all the cards were revealed, and the man found out what a surprise his household had prepared for him. And at first he could not believe his eyes.

And then the happy father could no longer restrain his emotions, and with him all those gathered around gave vent to their feelings. This warm and touching moment was posted on her Twitter account on August 18 by the daughter of a man. The video was so liked by the users of the Network that it has already been viewed more than 300 thousand times, and the number of likes and reposts is increasing every hour.

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