The girl avoids daylight, and this is not a fad: She is proud of her disease

The life of 11-year-old Olivia is overshadowed by a very strange genetic disease – pigment xeroderma
This is a hereditary disease, which is based on increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. In the skin of a person suffering from such an ailment, the minimum number of special enzymes (and sometimes their complete absence) are responsible for cell repair. It so happened that Olivia was one of the carriers of this disease.

When UV rays touch the skin of an ordinary person, then his body can repair the damage from them. But there’s a defect in Olivia’s DNA that doesn’t make that repair happen. Her body is trying, but nothing comes out, – explained Jody, the girl’s mother.

The girl constantly needs to undergo medical examinations.

In order for Olivia’s health and her condition to be under control, the girl’s family adopted her usual life to all the needs of her daughter. Olivia’s parents installed special films on the windows that do not let in harmful rays, and when a young British woman goes outside, she literally dresses from head to toe.

The girl should cover all areas of the skin with clothes, use sunburn cream every few hours, and always carry a device that measures the amount of ultraviolet radiation.

Before going outside, Olivia has to hide all parts of her skin with clothes.
Olivia herself does not give up. She follows all the prescriptions of doctors and the instructions of her parents, who are trying by all means to improve the condition of the girl.

The fact that I have xeroderma makes me feel unique. This disease is very rare, and only about a hundred Britons live with such an ailment, Olivia admitted.

Girl thinks she’s unique
Olivia was able to look at things differently and turned even such a serious illness into something to be proud of.

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