The girl bought a DNA test for the family to find out her roots. But instead, her father found out about the medical mistake

Rebecca Careline thought long and hard about what to give her family for Christmas. Different options constantly appeared in the girl’s head, but she understood that this was not it. She wanted to give her parents a really needed surprise, and not some little thing that would be put on the closet and forgotten tomorrow. She was already desperate to find something worthwhile, but one day a gift caught her eye, which, in her opinion, was better than all the others.

The girl saw a set of DNA tests in the store, which was designed for the whole family. Rebecca knew immediately that this was what she had been looking for. In her house, conversations about ancestors often came up, but no one knew what kind of blood and nationalities they were. Therefore, the lady decided to purchase this set and with a clear conscience went towards the house. But she didn’t even think about how it could all end.

The girl’s parents were delighted with such a gift to their daughter, so with unconcealed enthusiasm, they began the necessary procedures to obtain DNA. Then they sent the collected analyses to the right address and began to wait for the results, which were supposed to be ready in a month and a half. All this time, the family was looking forward to the results of the test. But none of them had any idea what news lay ahead of them.

It turned out that according to the results of the test, Rebecca and her father had different genetic makeup. The family was sure that some kind of mistake had occurred, so the girl and dad decided to do a separate DNA test to dispel fears. However, it turned out that there could be no mistake. And this news has driven everyone to a standstill.

The girl’s dad, Joseph Careline, says that this is the worst thing he has heard in his life. After all, those emotions that a man experienced, you will not wish even an enemy.

It was shock and agony. A mixture of pain, anger, and confusion, which is accompanied by the need to accept this news.

The fact is that Joseph and his wife went to the clinic in 1993 to help them conceive a child. The woman could not get pregnant for a long time, so the couple decided to resort to the help of specialists and perform artificial insemination. But the doctors apparently confused Mr. Castellani’s seminal fluid with another man, which led to such horrific consequences.

We have no idea if this was deliberate or accidental. We wanted to know the truth, but no one answers our requests.

Now the Careline family is going to sue the clinic where they performed the fertilization procedure. The exact amount is not called, but according to Joseph’s lawyer, we are talking about millions of dollars. By the way, the man himself says that, despite such news, his attitude towards Rebecca has not changed at all. He still considers her his daughter and loves her.

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