The girl came to school in new pants, but the teachers scammed her. Adults were not ready for this fashion

The girl became a victim of attacks from teachers because of her clothes. The school staff did not rate her trousers, which, in their opinion, did not meet the requirements of the educational institution. The student’s mother, when she found out about what had happened, went to the director for clarification, but she was hardly satisfied with such an answer.

14-year-old Francesca Negus from Norfolk, England, never thought that buying new pants would one day affect her studies at school. But she had to change her mind when she ran into trouble with her pants. The student was the victim of harassment and attacks, but it was not her classmates or the guys from the senior classes who were guilty of this, but the teachers.

The fact is that the staff of the educational institution considered that the girl’s trousers were too narrow and did not meet the school standards. According to Francesca’s mother, her daughter was humiliated in front of all the students and brought to tears. However, the bullying of the schoolgirl did not end there. The child was taken to the director’s office, where they offered her either to go home in this form or to change into normal trousers. They just didn’t say where the student should take them.

Naturally, Francesca was forced to leave the lessons and go home, wiping her tears along the way. The mother of the girl, whose name is Teresa, immediately noticed that something was wrong with her daughter. She began to find out from her the cause of the disorder, and when her daughter told her about the incident at school, the woman became furious.

According to the mother, if the school is so attentive to the appearance of its students, then the management should buy the uniform on their own, and not arrange demonstrative spanking of children in front of everyone. Also, the woman is sure that such behavior of teachers seriously affects the psychological state of schoolchildren.

I think that they cause moral harm to children. No wonder some of them don’t want to go to school afterward.

Teresa decided to go to school to sort out the current situation because a rare mother will ignore her daughter’s tears. The woman did not look for the guilty among the teachers, but immediately went to the director. Of course, she demanded an explanation and expected an apology, but she hoped in vain.

The headmaster, Chris Smith, did not apologize but said that the school always warns parents in advance about changes in school uniforms so that situations like Francesca’s do not happen.

We talked to the families of the students before the summer holidays and told them which uniforms to buy.

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