The girl came to work for the first time without makeup:The reaction of his colleagues struck

Amy Elsgood is only 27 years old and the girl has suffered from a problem since childhood. There was a bright birthmark on her face.From an early age, she was ashamed of herself and her appearance. Therefore, in order to avoid questions and jokes from her peers, Amy learned to hide her place.

The girl used a lot of tonal products, concealers and all sorts of other cosmetics to hide the birthmark.It took Amy many years to decide on a laser correction, which was supposed to rid her of an unwanted spot.For all these years, the girl did not accept this and did not love herself for who she is.

However, in order to permanently get rid of the spot, several procedures are required, and the rest of the time the face should rest, you can not use cosmetics and other chemicals.The girl faces another obstacle. At work, no one knew that Amy had a similar place, she was always at the parade and beautiful makeup shone on her face.

The girl was not ready to appear naturally in front of her colleagues.But Amy couldn’t violate the doctor’s testimony. It wasn’t until work that they already knew what procedure Amy was undergoing.Therefore, her colleagues tried in every way to support her. Elsgood was touched, she overcame her fear and shame, now she inspires by her example.

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