The girl could not walk, but for the sake of her wedding she did the impossible. And the guests of the ceremony witnessed a miracle

27-year-old Grace McGowan from Dorset, England, had a terrible accident in 2014, writes the Daily Mail. The car in which she was traveling was completely destroyed, and the girl herself received severe injuries. As a result of an accident, the girl broke her spine, and doctors said that she would never get back on her feet. After such news, naturally, the lady was deeply depressed and lost all interest in life. But everything changed when Grace met her future husband, Nick. And this acquaintance became a turning point in her life.


Their meeting took place at the moment when the girl moved after a spinal injury to a new home. There she met the landlady, who had a son. Grace did not know then that they would soon become relatives. The fact is that she talked on a dating site with a guy who, as it turned out later, was the son of the owner of this house, where Miss McGowan lived. The young man said that his name was Nick, and also admitted that the interlocutor seemed very pretty to him, so he did not put the matter on the back burner, but immediately called the girl on a date. And during their walk, the lady found out that, it turns out, they already knew each other in absentia.

It turned out that his parents were the people from whom I rented a house.

The lovers decided to immediately tell Nick’s mother that a strong relationship began between them. And the woman was very happy when she found out about it. And now Grace remembers what happened at that moment.

We went to her house to surprise her. She was very happy and excited.

The guy and the girl continued to meet and, of course, everything went to the wedding. Once Nick made an offer of marriage to his beloved, and she gladly accepted it. But at that moment, Grace made a promise to herself that she would definitely go to the altar on her own feet.

From that day on, hard training began. In the clinic, the girl was given a special exoskeleton, but its presence did not make hard work easier. Work on herself and the motor skills of the limbs gave its result, and she began to take her first steps. And although they were not as sweeping and confident, but it was a huge success. Day after day, the lady achieved her goal, and when the date for which the wedding was planned came, Grace could already defend the entire ceremony on her own two feet and go to the altar and back.

It is important to note that the bride did not talk about this surprise to the wedding guests, so the people gathered were shocked when the girl came to the ceremony on her feet, and did not arrive in a stroller. Grace was led to the altar by her brother Alex, and the girl gave him a couple of tips so that an incident would not happen.

Alex learned everything in two hours. That’s all the time we had.

Guests, relatives, friends and, of course, her mother, could not hold back their tears when they watched this picture. According to the woman, it was the happiest day of her life.

Grace was able to do it, but I didn’t think she could make it. It has been a long journey for her. Everyone was crying. I am a very proud mother.

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