The girl did a DNA test to find out about her ancestors. But she discovered the truth, which was hidden for 22 years.

Antonia Picardi has always wanted to know more about her family. The girl was wondering who her ancestors were, what nationalities and bloodlines they were, writes The Sun. In May 2017, Antonia saw an advertisement on the Internet, which offered to do a DNA test at home and at a low price. According to her, she almost immediately decided on this procedure in order to identify potential health risks and, of course, in order to find out her family tree.

The girl knew that her father, who died when she was five years old, was Italian, and her mother was Scandinavian, but she thought she could learn something else. She offered to take the test to her mother, but she became suspiciously nervous and refused, citing the fact that her mouth was dry, which would not allow her to take enough saliva for a sample. Antonia did not attach any importance to this then, because she was too excited. She wanted to know the results as soon as possible.

Eight weeks later, the test was ready. The girl read the email with the results, which confirmed that she has Italian roots. However, not a word was written about the Scandinavian ones. The result showed the presence of British, Irish and German relatives. And she found it rather unusual.

I was very surprised when I read the results.

Antonia decided to take a screenshot of the letter and then sent it to her mother, who was sleeping in the next room.

I shared the results with my mother and then asked if she knew exactly her genetic history. I didn’t think about anything else and fell asleep.

When the girl woke up, she saw a message from her mother asking her to go to her room.

I got worried. Mom was a little sick, so I thought something serious had happened.

The anxious face of my mother only whipped up panic in Antonia, and then the woman burst into tears. But then she confessed to her daughter that she was not her biological mother.

Mom told me that after my brother was born, she wanted to get pregnant again, but nothing worked. So they decided to have donor.

At first, the girl was glad that her mother was not sick, but simply told her the whole truth. But as soon as Antonia left the room, she began to sob uncontrollably.

The girl told everything to her brother, whose name is Gianni. It turned out that he didn’t know anything about it either, so he got very angry. All her life, Antonia had said that she had Italian and Scandinavian roots, but now she had no idea who her relatives really were.

I have been deceived for 22 years, my identity has been destroyed.

With the help of the company where the girl took a DNA test, she was able to find out the details of her biological mother. And then I found her account in social networks.

I found her Facebook page. She looked just like me. We are very similar. I wrote her a letter in which I told absolutely everything. I was afraid that she would not answer. But everything ended well.

Relatives corresponded for several weeks, and Melissa told everything about herself. She has four children, and she and Antonia live in the same state – California.

Melissa told me that she donated her egg because she wanted to help others.

After some time, the girls nevertheless decided to meet in order to get to know each other personally. The conversation turned out to be long and touching because they really had something to talk about and discuss.

I found out that she is very fond of puzzles and has terrible eyesight, just like me. We have the same sense of humor and so many coincidences.

And later there was another meeting, which finally put all the dots on this issue. Melissa came to Antonia’s house to meet her mother. The girl herself said that she was very worried before this event. But everything ended well.

I thought a lot about how they would react to each other. But I didn’t have to worry so much. They immediately hugged and got along great.

Now Antonia says she is lucky to have two such women in her life. And now she is the happiest person in the world.

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