The girl did makeup for her 34-year-old sister, and people broke down. After all, after the transformation, she was twice younger

The blogger decided to make some changes to the appearance of her 34-year-old older sister, and people are delighted with the result. The girl just did makeup to a relative, but when they saw the woman’s upgrade, netizens believed that she had moved ten years ago.

TikTok user Mia Frankel with the nickname miafrankel showed how she upgraded her older sister’s appearance with makeup, hair dye and the right things. In a video posted on November 18, the blogger explained why she decided to put such an experiment on a relative.

She does almost nothing, does not use cosmetics, and does not comb her hair, – Mia shared her sister’s routine in the video.

In the video, the 19-year-old blogger first went shopping with her ward and bought everything she needed for further work. She also captured her sister before the upcoming transformation and removed the mirror from her so that the transformation process was more mysterious.

The elder Frankel’s cardinal changes began with her hair. In the video, the blogger said that her sister had never cut more than three centimeters in all of her 34 years, and Mia hurried to fix it. She cut off her ward’s hair and dyed her hair a richer chestnut color.

Then the blogger styled her sister’s updated hair with a hair dryer and made curls with a curling iron. After all of Mia’s manipulations, the head of the test subject’s hair began to look more well-groomed and shiny.

The next step was the choice of clothes for the woman. The blogger offered her sister a youthful look and dressed her in a white top and light jeans with torn cuts on her legs. To demonstrate the huge difference between the older Frankel’s clothes and the image collected by Mia, the girl immediately showed how her ward was dressed before and after.

Mia pulled her sister out of her dark, baggy clothes into tight pieces that let her figure show off.

At the end of the transformation, Mia Frankel made her sister’s make-up, which hid skin imperfections and emphasized the dignity of her face. The result of the upgrade surprised the woman very much, she did not recognize herself in the mirror. But in the video, the blogger explained that her sister was able to feel comfortable getting used to the new look.

Mia Frankel’s video has received 21 million views and almost six million likes.

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