“The girl did not acknowledge who the father of her child was for a long time. But one day…”

Emily gave birth to her daughter, Via, before finishing school. This was a significant shock for her parents since Via had been an exemplary daughter who excelled in school. What made it even more painful was that Emily refused to reveal the identity of the child’s father. This was particularly hard for her mother, who hadn’t noticed any changes in her daughter’s behavior and felt like she had failed to protect her. Emily had always had a curvy figure, and by the time her pregnancy was discovered, it was too late to do anything about it.

She gave birth to a beautiful blue-eyed girl at the end of August. Her mother took maternity leave to take care of her granddaughter. She had just graduated from school with a gold medal and passed her university entrance exams with high scores. She was looking at five years of university studies ahead of her, as well as taking care of. Most of the responsibility fell on her mother’s shoulders – caring for her daughter and raising the tiny granddaughter. However, was diligent and conscientious. After completing her second year of university, she began working part-time to contribute financially to the family. She also sent a small amount of money each month for the child’s food and clothing. The identity of the secret sponsor remained undisclosed.

The child grew up in comfort and under her grandmother’s careful watch. She received preparation for school and excelled. prepared for her thesis defense and switched to a full-time job. When she unexpectedly brought home a young man, her former classmate, one day, her mother immediately suspected that he was the father of the child. It was evident from his eyes, the same shade of violet as, and his similarly reddish hair.

Why had she kept his fatherhood a secret all this time? Now, her daughter admitted that was indeed the father of the child. He had been helping her throughout, sending money to her account. They were confident in their feelings for each other. had kept name hidden because after finishing school, he had attempted to enroll in a military academy, and having a child could have been a hindrance.

Now that they both had their diplomas, they planned to legalize their relationship and live as a family. They decided not to have a traditional wedding and instead wanted to spend time visiting several European countries and vacationing in Italy with their daughter.

As for grandmother, they also considered her. If she wanted, she could move in with them and enjoy a well-deserved break.

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