The girl found a double on Instagram and learned an unexpected truth about herself

The student suspected that she was the victim of identity theft, but the truth turned out to be much more surprising. A doppelgänger with similar photographs prompted her to ask an important question to her parents. And it turned out that the girl has a twin sister and not even one.

On Saturday, January 11, a Twitter user named Nabila Az-Zahra shared with subscribers a story that resembles a plot from Indian cinema. A 16-year-old girl from the island of Sulawesi (Indonesia) learned the truth about her origin, and all because of a strange coincidence on social networks.

In her thread, Nabila said that in early January, several of her acquaintances said at once that they had seen a profile on Instagram that suspiciously resembled her own. Of course, the girl was embarrassed. At first, Nabila thought that someone had stolen her photographs and was pretending to be a 16-year-old schoolgirl for a devious purpose. But then the “double” contacted the girl himself.

On January 7, I checked my personal messages on Instagram and found a message there from an account that belongs to a certain Nadia. She asked me, “Don’t you think we look a lot alike?”

Nabila suggested that Nadya be contacted via video call and was stunned when she saw that the person on the screen looked exactly like herself. And then it turned out that the similarities were not only about appearance.

During the video call, we asked each other personal questions: about our weight, height, favorite color and favorite drink. Our answers were 90 percent similar!

Nadia then asked Nabila, “What if we are actually twins?” She replied that she would be happy, because she always dreamed of a twin sister. Then, without thinking twice, I decided to talk to my parents about it.

To Nabila’s surprise, her dad and mom Ramli and Johra said that she was adopted, so there is a good chance that Nadia is really her sister. When the girl was adopted, she was very tiny.

My mother told me that as a newborn I weighed only 1.4 kilograms. I almost died.

Moreover, it turned out that in fact Nabila is a child of triplets whose parents were in distress and decided to give the children up for adoption. It turns out that Nabila and Nadya also have a third sister (or brother) somewhere.

It is not yet known whether Nadia and Nabila did a DNA test to verify their relationship. But both girls are already looking for their brother or sister so that the whole family can be reunited.

According to Nabila, such unexpected news brought her joy and sadness at the same time.

I am happy that I had the opportunity to cross paths with Nadia, but I am sad because I did not expect to know such a story about myself.

However, the girl is not going to abandon the family in which she grew up.

I am grateful that I have a family in which I was raised with love.

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