The girl found out about the long-awaited pregnancy 9 days before the birth

American Lauren Chalk was stunned when she found out that she was 38 weeks pregnant and would soon give birth. In the past, the girl suffered 2 miscarriages, so she was already desperate, and did not think that she could become a mother. When the girl was a teenager, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Therefore, she had irregular menstrual cycles.

All this time, she did not understand that her symptoms were talking about pregnancy. Only after talking with her mother, Lauren went to the doctor, who told her the good news. The specialist performed an ultrasound, the girl’s happiness was endless when she heard the baby’s heartbeat. Just 9 days later, a boy was born. For the 28-year-old mother, this is the first and long-awaited baby, whom she named Whitet. His birth weight was 2.63 kilograms.

I don’t think I can love anyone more than Wyatt’s son. He is the best gift anyone could give me. I believe that God has planned everything as it should be.

For Lauren, the baby was the best New Year’s gift. According to News Medical, 1 in 475 women is unaware of pregnancy until 20 weeks. There are cases when they find out about their position already during childbirth.

For example, as in the case of this 24-year-old girl. She gave birth in the bathroom, and all this time did not even think that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend was shocked when he saw the baby. He thought that his beloved just found a child on the street, because all this time there were no hints of pregnancy

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