The girl gained the trust of a stray cat and she shared her secret with her

To gain the trust of stray animals, you have to put in some effort. But it’s really worth it! Two months ago, a girl named Shi Pryor noticed a cat near her house, which was walking by itself. Over time, Shi managed to gain the animal’s trust and she was able to feed it, the girl said. Shi even managed to pet the cat, then she realized she had kittens – she was breastfeeding.

The girl wanted to help the fluffy mother and her little ones, but there were no kittens nearby. Shi then decided to address the cat directly:
-I started persuading her to show me her babies. I told him they must be very cute.
The next day, Shi went to water the flowers in the garden and met the cat there again. Soon, the cat showed his trust in Shi and took the girl to a shelter under the barn.

The cat led Shi to the shed where her family lived. The animal called for its young, and little stuffed animals came out to meet the girl! It turned out that 5 of her kittens lived there! At first the kittens were scared, but when their mother showed there was nothing to fear, the little ones grew bolder.

A gray kitten turned out to be brave – he approached me with his tail raised and immediately let himself be petted.
In the end, after 10-15 minutes, they all let each other be held and petted. Shi couldn’t leave the kittens in trouble and decided to take care of them.

The girl brought her the kittens and has already found new owners for each of them. They will go to their new homes when they are strong enough. Shi decided to keep his mother cat and named her Cricket. The girl has created a page, where those who wish can donate money to a doctor for their new services.
There is no doubt that Cricket and her little ones are in good hands!

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