The girl gave birth to twins, but people do not believe that both babies are hers. The boys are not alike at all, and this is a joke of nature

A resident of Nigeria had twins, and she was very surprised when she first saw her sons – they looked like children from different families. Now she can not be afraid that the teacher at school will confuse them, because the boys have different skin colors. The reason for this contrast was a rare feature of the genes of one of the kids, and it has already made the brothers Instagram stars.

Stacey and Babajid, a young couple from Lagos, Nigeria, had no idea that on February 26, 2019 they would become parents of twins with different skin colors, writes Bored Panda. The children were named Daniel and David, and their mother told the newspaper reporter how surprised she was when she first saw the kids.

We didn’t know about their differences while I was pregnant, the scan didn’t show it, so it was a huge surprise when the first twin (Daniel) showed up with black hair and the second (David) with golden hair.

The boys created a stir as soon as they were born: the hospital staff really wanted to look at such unusual newborns.

I had a c-section and the doctors said, “It looks like you have absolutely non-identical twins.” Before I knew it, the nurses started coming to look at them.

Both parents of the boys are black, like their five-year-old sister Demilade. There is an explanation for the appearance of a fair-skinned child in this family: the youngest of the brothers has albinism.

This disease is characterized by the absence of melanin pigment. The probability of having albino children varies from one in three thousand to one in twenty thousand.

At the same time, twins with different skin colors are not born so often, which makes the case with Daniel and David even more rare. Therefore, the mother of the boys decided to share pictures of her unusual children with people.

Now the twins are a little over a year old, and 18 thousand people have already signed up for the Instagram account that Stacey created especially for them. The girl noted that she had never encountered negative comments about the appearance of the boys.

At the same time, it is still difficult for people not to turn around after this family, so in Lagos, Stacy, Babajid and their children are local celebrities. Sometimes passers-by misinterpret the difference in appearance of the twins and ask the girl which of the children is hers.

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