The girl showed a photo of her parents, but it seems that her brother and sister. And everyone wants to know the secret of their youth

A Twitter user boasted a photo of her parents on vacation and made hundreds of thousands of people admire them. Commentators are sure that the couple looks unusually young, and they are especially surprised by the man. The girl had to reveal the secrets of the young appearance of mom and dad.

A girl with the nickname mitsukuni on Twitter and her parents live in Houston, Texas. The user of the social network, as indicated in her Instagram, is 23 years old.

A picture of mom and dad, which became popular on Twitter, was shared by an American on November 21 on her page. In just a few days, her post received 1.4 million likes (more than a man’s story about his brother’s epic culinary fiasco).

In the comments, mitsukuni added that the shot was taken while her parents were visiting the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado. However, most of the inhabitants of the platform were not interested in the picturesque landscape, but in the appearance of a man with a woman (based on the age of their daughter, they can be 40 years old or more). After all, it was not easy for someone to realize the fact that there really are not young relatives of the girl on the frame.

Are these your parents???? Damn, ka-ah-ah-ak???? I’m in love with them, is that bad?

You must be 10 years old because they look like they are in their 30s. And that gray beard is definitely dyed for a fashionable look.

Users of the platform were sure that the married couple seemed really youthful and attractive. Just like the tiktoker who, because of her appearance, even scares off her son’s girls.

They look so young even though the man has a gray beard and they have such good skin wtf???? This is such a beautiful photo.

Your parents look younger than me, and I’m 22.

The beard looks fake because he has a face like he’s 20 years old with a ponytail. How he does it?

This bro’s skin looks like he’s eating clouds.

Your dad looks like a dark-skinned Zeus.

It is not surprising that Twitter users wanted to know the secret of the youth of the girl’s parents.

Omg! They are really wonderful! They have such a healthy, youthful skin tone. Wow! May I ask if they have a special diet? Seriously, God bless them. With love and respect!

We need to know how they take care of their skin.

Mitsukuni revealed that her mom and dad are vegans. The girl also published a list of different brands of skin care products used by the couple and herself (cleansing cream-gel, toner, hyaluronic acid, and so on). The American added that she and her parents have combination skin, so these products may not be suitable for everyone.

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