The girl stays at home with the child and does not go to work. But the husband is proud of his wife and considers her a heroine

A guy from Thailand, whose name is Witthawat, publicly thanked his wife for not working, but staying at home with a small child, writes World Of Buzz. The fact is that many mistakenly believe that being a mother of a baby is an easy task. It would seem that there is no need to go to the office and carry out various assignments from the authorities, but instead, you can spend time with your son or daughter, who cannot yet take care of themselves due to age.

Probably, Vitthawat himself thought so for some time, until a surveillance camera appeared in his house, which was installed for security purposes. The young man could at any time see what was happening in the apartment while he was at work. However, such control measures opened his eyes to many things that he had not even guessed before.

The fact is that one day a young man decided to view the footage from the camera and realized one thing. He thought that his wife was not particularly tense, and the child did not require so much attention and control from the outside, but he admitted that he was wrong. In the footage, Vitthawat saw that his wife literally did not leave the baby for a single step.

The girl spent the whole day next to the child and never even lay down to rest. She constantly had to switch between different tasks and manage to do several things at the same time. The guy was so proud of his wife that he decided to publish a collage of several photos on the Web, which best shows that his wife is doing hard work.

Now Vitthawat urges other husbands not to think that their second half is easier when they are at home with children. According to him, the guys often complain about their hard work, but they don’t even realize how hard it is for women on maternity leave.

People who go to work complain that they feel exhausted when they get home. They think it’s easier for their wives because they don’t do anything at home. But they need to change their thinking because caring for a child is not as easy as it might seem. I even think that our work is not so tiring, unlike young mothers.

The young man shared this story on his Facebook page on August 24, and netizens expressed their respect to him for such a position.

You are the sweetest father and husband.

His wife, by the way, also spoke about this. According to her, she was surprised that her husband’s post caused such a stir on the Internet, but she believes that mothers do not need approval from the outside, it is much more important when they are appreciated in their own family.

We don’t really need any grand gestures. Just enough attention and support from husbands and family. This gives us the strength to continue to live and take care of our loved ones.

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