The girl suffered from loss of appetite but showed how six months of treatment changed her

Yasmin began to limit her diet at the age of 15 – at that time she had been teased for several years because of her weight, although with a height of 170 centimeters the girl was normal weight – 65 kilograms.

Now Yasmin understands that she was not much different from her peers, but then it seemed to her that it was the end of the world. The girl wanted to lose weight for graduation, but she went too far. Yasmin started with a healthy diet, but gradually started consuming only 500 calories a day and just joined the gym – she went there every day and worked out for at least an hour.

On D-Day, Yasmin might have a two-egg-white omelet for breakfast, leaf lettuce and half a can of tuna for lunch, and half a baked sweet potato with a salmon fillet for dinner. For 10 months, the girl’s weight dropped to 44 kilograms, and her mother began to worry about her daughter’s health. In 2015, Yasmin was diagnosed with thinness. Despite this fact, the girl still wanted to lose weight – she always thought that she was still fat.

In addition, Yasmin had other health issues. The girl was constantly cold, her hair was falling out, she felt weak and could not do anything – and because of this, she lacked communication with her friends. The girl’s weight reached 39 kilograms, and Yasmin was told that if she continued to lose weight, she would be admitted to the hospital, but the girl didn’t care – she just wanted to be slim. She refused treatment and even stopped weighing herself. But stepping onto the scale in 2019, she realized it couldn’t last.

And in six months she gained 34 kilograms – now she weighs 74 kilograms. Her health has improved, her hair has stopped falling out and, above all, her energy has returned. Yasmin is very sorry that because of her illness she missed several years of her life, so she wants to help other people in a similar situation. In addition, with her example, Yasmin wants to show how rude words can affect others – because it was because of ridicule that she wanted to lose weight.

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