The girl suffered from back pain and went to the doctor: What happened was a real shock

Englishwoman Ria Martin from the city of Stockport, Greater Manchester in May 2020 changed her usual size eight to tenth. Then the 24-year-old girl thought that she had gained a few extra pounds due to quarantine, and almost the whole world could understand her. However, in October, she found out what the reason was, writes the Manchester Evening News.

According to Riya, until mid-autumn she felt good and did not notice changes in her habits, except for a slight increase in weight, which she did not seem to be happy about.

On October 19, when Riya suffered a severe back pain, she did not suspect anything unusual and went to the hospital for help. Although you could try to make a bar.

Martin’s visit turned out to be quick: the doctors gave her painkillers and asked her not to come back to them during the pandemic with similar, supposedly minor problems.

They gave me pills and sent me back. And I just hoped that the pain would pass, – said the girl.

However, the effect of the drugs did not last long. The next day, the pain in her back turned out to be simply unbearable, so Riya decided to return to the hospital, where this time she was stunned by unexpected news – she went into labor.

From shock, the girl fainted, and woke up already in the maternity ward, so she did not have time to call either her boyfriend Luke Melling or her parents to tell about what had happened. Martin was able to contact her family only when she already had a baby in her arms.

The boy was named Miles.After that, I called Luke and asked him to come to the hospital. I met him on the street, told him everything, and the first thing he asked if a boy was born, because he always wanted a son, Riya shared.

The birth of a child was a real surprise for everyone, because neither Luke, as a professional fitness trainer, nor the girl herself noticed that something was happening to her body.

Moreover, Martin felt so good during the pregnancy, which she did not know about, that she calmly went in for sports.

Now Ria and her boyfriend live with their son with Luke’s father, trying to save up for their own house and along the way rebuilding their lives for a new family member.

The difficulties that have arisen do not interfere with the joy of the newly minted seven.

Today we can just laugh about it all, but in the beginning the experience was quite traumatic. You go to the hospital thinking you have severe back pain and end up having a baby,” the girl explained.

Nevertheless, Martin’s case is not unique and even has a special name – hidden pregnancy. During such a phenomenon, a girl may not know that she is in a position, because no changes occur in her body – neither internal nor external, for example, her stomach does not increase.

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