The girl wanted to be like a princess from Disney, and now she is unrecognizable. Only mother is not happy with such changes

The baby had seen enough of Disney cartoons and wanted to become a princess. True, the five-year-old crumbs have not only original taste, but also methods for achieving the goal. Now the girl is unrecognizable, and her mother is shocked, because getting everything back is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Little Skyla-Rae Muttram wanted to look like a Disney princess so badly that she decided to experiment with her appearance. And after such metamorphoses, the baby’s mother was convinced that it was definitely time for the children to return to school before they did even more trouble.

A woman named Jade Perry shared with subscribers photos of her little daughter, who was so bored without her classmates that she decided to fulfill her old dream and become a real princess. Mom did not even suspect what the baby was doing until Skyla’s younger brother ran up to her and shouted that her sister was drawing on her face.

When Jade saw her daughter, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because the girl’s entire face was painted purple.

I have twin boys, and when one of them came and told me that Skyla draws on her face, I immediately called her to me. I thought that she was calmly painting in her room, but I did not expect such a result. I laughed and said she looked like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But the girl admitted to her parent that she wanted to look like a Disney character – Vampirina.

Jade says it took her two days to get her daughter’s paint off and it was a real challenge.

The first time I wanted to scold her, because the next day we had to go on a family trip, but look at that face. Can you be angry with him? She really wanted to be a Vampire.

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