The girl was embarrassed by a strange shape of eye for years: people were delighted with her look

A young resident of Italy for a long time was embarrassed by her appearance and hid one feature behind her long hair, but now she accepts herself for who she is. The reason for the experience was her eye, which has a distorted pupil shape, but now she realized that this is not a flaw, but a highlight that makes the girl special.

Pernilla Betris from Rome always wore long hair that covered her face. However, this was not a tribute to fashion, but, according to the girl, a necessity, writes StoryTrender. It’s all the fault of the pupil in her left eye, which has a distorted shape and is not in the center but at the bottom of the iris. This feature was the reason why the 22-year-old Italian was afraid to look people in the eye and make new acquaintances.

Before, she always went with a bang in her eyes and never removed it.

However, the girl was not always so shy. As Pernilla recalls, in elementary school she was popular among classmates because everyone considered her special, but this did not last long. As he got older, yesterday’s teenager’s friends turned into haters. A stream of jokes and insults rained down on Betris, which more than once brought her to tears.

There were different reactions: from a gaze and screams to insulting curses.

After bullying, the girl withdrew into herself and lost almost all her friends. In real life, Pernilla had never met a person with a similar eye, so she decided to turn to the Internet to find out more about her condition.

This is an extremely rare disease. If you search for something on the Internet, then the search will not bring results. Just a couple of lines on several medical websites.

According to the Italian, she was depressed for a long time, but one day she realized that she needed to stop suffering and love herself, which, apparently, she succeeded. On November 28, the girl posted on her Instagram account a photo of the eye, which is gaining popularity on the Web.

As it turned out, the girl was hiding from prying eyes for so long in vain. After all, people were completely delighted.

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