The girl was planning a wedding and met true love. The story shows that what is meant to be happens, and true love exists

Megan Willis told how she met the love of her life. And, unlike all standard stories, this one does not end, but begins with a wedding.

In November 2015, Meghan was up to her neck in planning a beautiful wedding ceremony. Shortly before that, her boyfriend proposed to her, and in July 2016 they had to sign and take solemn oaths, surrounded by relatives and friends.

When Megan decided to take a short break and came to visit her family, Kristen, her sister, invited the future bride to dinner at a local bar-restaurant and introduced her to her DJ friend Mark Stone.

The man immediately seemed attractive to the girl, they chatted a bit, exchanged contacts, and it was soon decided: Mark would perform at Megan’s wedding.

The ceremony went perfectly: everything went according to plan, and the newlyweds were also satisfied with the work of the DJ. It was only after the wedding that Megan began to realize: she was not at all happy with her new husband. The husband stopped paying attention to her, the girl sat at home all day and felt completely abandoned.

My marriage was doomed because I wasn’t completely happy, didn’t get what I needed from him. My husband was passionate about video games – this became his life, and I simply did not exist for him. He did not want to spend time with me, did not want to go out and walk. He thought we were hanging out together when I was watching TV and he was in the same room playing his game on headphones.

After about a year of such a life, Megan accidentally ran into Mark and did not notice how she began to complain about an unsuccessful marriage. The man was 23 years older than Megan, but he had a similar problem: it was at that time that his wife decided to leave him, with whom he lived for almost 30 years. Megan and Mark talked for days on end and soon became very close friends.

The man supported the girl’s intention to file for divorce and tried his best to support her.

Megan and Mark soon realized that they value each other very much.

I think I was the first to realize that I fell in love with him. He was still married, although he did not live with his wife, and I understood that I could not do anything. I just kept my feelings to myself. He needed the same support as the one he gave me, and I tried to be with him as a friend.

Mark had a much harder time in many ways. After all, he was abandoned by his wife, who for 27 years was the closest person in his life.

I was in a terrible state when my ex left me, I couldn’t deal with it and it took me a while to accept the fact that it was over. Megan’s support quickly turned into feelings that grew stronger every day. Once I realized that my marriage was over, I allowed myself to realize that I love Megan.

In August 2018, both Mark and Megan finally said goodbye to their former spouses and confessed their love for each other. The couple decided to move to North Carolina to build their relationship, leaving behind all the problems from the past.

Ironically, their families quickly accepted this fact. Mark recalls it this way:

My family at that time had doubts that I even started a new relationship, and even more so with such a difference in age. But when they saw that they were happy again, they all agreed that nothing else mattered.

Megan and Mark themselves do not worry about the fact that he is 49 and she is 26.

We don’t care what other people think. We’re happy, our relationship is working, and that’s all we care about. Most people whisper to each other things like, “Do you think she’s really his girlfriend?” When we hear that, we just kiss or do something like that and laugh at them.

Megan is sure that she is with the person who makes her happy. And now all she dreams about is children.

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