The girl was told that her son would not survive, and they persuaded her to have an abortion.He is already a schoolboy

Aiofa, 30, from Ireland, has been anxiously waiting to finally become a mother. She already knew the name of her future son and dreamed of watching him grow up. Everything in the family was already ready for replenishment, and happy parents could not wait for the child to be born. However, at one of the examinations, the expectant mother was told terrible news that almost destroyed all her plans.

The doctors said that the child was unlikely to survive due to developmental pathology, so it would be better if she had an abortion. It turned out that the baby had problems with the heart, and the clinic did not give the most favorable forecasts. After such words from the specialists, Ayofa almost fainted. She came home and told her husband about everything, but the couple decided that the girl would not terminate the pregnancy, because she hoped for the best.

From that day on, the life of the expectant mother turned into a nightmare. She could not sleep and eat normally, because all her thoughts were only about the unborn child. The girl dreamed that her son would grow up big and strong, would walk and run on the street with friends, but now all plans are mixed up in a heap. Of course, Iofa believed to the last that everything would end well, and her mother’s heart said that she had made the right choice.

I wanted to become a mother to my son, and I fought for it to the end.

The girl moved to her parents, who, by the way, also supported her with all their might and began to prepare for childbirth. All this time she was under the supervision of doctors who until the last advised to have an abortion. After her son was born, he immediately underwent several heart surgeries and told Ayofa to prepare for the worst.

When he was born, I had to plan his funeral.

But to the surprise of the doctors, the child quickly recovered. Every day he became stronger and gained weight, and then he was no different from other children. The boy was named Zach, and now he went to first grade. And his mom can’t hide her tears when she remembers what they’ve been through.

I’m so proud of him, so happy to see that he’s just an ordinary kid who is very excited about his first days at school.

Now Zack, like his peers, spends all his weekends on the street, but his mother is never in a hurry to drive her son home. She happily watches the child have fun with friends, and thanks fate for not having an abortion.


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