The girl went on dates with a guy only for money and gifts. But the plan suddenly failed.

20-year-old Miranda Kandi met 34-year-old Aaron Combs on a dating site, writes Mirror. At that time, the girl had just crossed the threshold of the majority and worked as a waitress in a restaurant. The money she received for her work was enough back to back, so the lady could not afford any excesses or gifts. But she always wanted to dress in her best and enjoy life to the fullest, so she figured out how to achieve her goal.

I lived in Kansas and was an 18-year-old student who wanted the most out of life.

In 2017, she signed up on a dating site, but she didn’t do it to find the love of her life. Miranda sifted out her peers’ profiles because she was only interested in adult men with great wealth. Naturally, adult uncles showed particular interest in the young girl, so there was no end to the boyfriends. However, Miss Kandy immediately made it clear to everyone that she would go on dates only for expensive gifts, and money, and pay bills in restaurants.

Despite such requirements, there were a lot of people who wanted to spend a romantic evening with a young girl. Every day she went on dates with different men, and her financial situation improved. So, one stranger once paid Miranda 3,000 pounds, not to mention expensive gifts. The lady enjoyed the moment and never thought about building a relationship with anyone, and more than once she did not date anyone, but everything changed when the waitress met Aaron.

Mr. Combs paid Miranda 240 pounds  for the meeting. After the first date, they were able to find a common language and interests. Of course, the guy offered her to spend one more evening together (naturally, for money), and the girl agreed. And this decision became a landmark in her life.

The couple met four more times, and then Miranda realized that she had fallen in love, so she refused to take the money. Their relationship developed at an incredible speed, so after a while the girl moved into Aaron’s house. And on June 27, the guy made her a marriage proposal, to which the lady agreed. And, according to Miss Candy, she herself does not believe in what is happening.

I never looked for love. I just dated for my own purposes. Aaron treats me with respect, values my opinion and wants me to be the best I can be.

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