The girl’s brother died in an accident. 10 years later, on her birthday, her parents revealed the secret

For each of us coming of age was a special holiday. We prepared for this day in advance and expected unforgettable impressions from it.

He may not always live up to the expectations placed on him, but Texas resident Monique Salinas will remember her coming-of-age day for the rest of her life. After all, then her most secret dream came true.

Although Monique is still very young, she has already experienced a bereavement. When the girl was only five years old, the Salinas family was in for a fatal blow of fate – little Mike, brother Monique, died in a car accident …

The girl took Mike’s death very hard. He and his brother were the weather and friends like water. Monique prayed to God every day to return her brother to her.  It’s been 10 years since Mike’s death, and although the pain of loss has dulled during this time, Monique always remembered him.

So, Monique was preparing to celebrate her 15th birthday. For Hispanic girls, this date is considered a special event. According to local traditions, it is at this age that girls become adults.

And although Monica Salinas lives in the USA with her family, this day was very important for the girl. Shortly before her birthday, Monica was asked what gift she would like to receive. To which the girl replied that she did not need any gifts, as long as a piece of Mike was next to her.

Unbelievable, but this fantastic wish came true! It turned out that the parents of Mike and Monique, after the death of their son, decided on a noble gesture. They gave permission to transplant the boy’s organs to those who needed them to save their lives. Mike’s heart went to 8-year-old girl Aubrey Reeves. She suffered from congenital heart disease and without transplantation of this organ was doomed to a quick death.

She had already received two transplants, but Aubrey’s body did not accept the implants. And only Mike’s heart took root in Aubrey’s chest as a native. The donation was anonymous, so the Salinas and Reeves families did not know anything about each other.

Only 10 years later, Monique’s parents managed to find the girl who got their son’s heart. Seeing Aubrey and learning her story, Monique could not hold back her tears. After all, she so dreamed that Mike was next to her again. While hugging Aubrey, Monique could feel his heartbeat!

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