The granddaughter made a surprise for her grandmother – she dedicated a post to her in social networks. The result made the old lady believe in people

Grandmother thought that she would spend the New Year in splendid isolation, but her granddaughter decided to rectify the situation. Now the whole world knows about granny, and she will spend the New Year holidays raking wishes from people from all over the world.

New Year’s miracles happen even in the 21st century, but not without the help of the family and the magic of social networks. Leo Sheppard, the granddaughter of 92-year-old Scottish Nancy Letham, thought the same. Tired of watching her grandma get fewer holiday cards each year, she took matters into her own hands.

Once upon a time, Nancy had many friends, but the years took their toll – not all of them lived to the same respectable years as Letham. Leo was not taken aback and told about it on her Facebook page.

Nancy Letham did not expect to receive so many warm congratulations this year
Leo’s plans were to collect at least 40 postcards from neighbors from the city of Feif, where the family lives, but she could not imagine that granny would start receiving 40 postcards (or more) a day. Altogether, Nancy has received over a thousand postcards in the last two months.

An elderly woman was literally bombarded with wishes from people from different parts of the Earth. Congratulations came from the USA, Canada, India, Australia and even Spain. Everyone wanted to support the old lady at the end of 2020, which was already not the easiest.

Nancy in front of postcards sent to her by people from all over the world
The old woman is the mother of seven children. She has 17 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-grandchildren. Now Leo comes to visit her more often and reads what is written on the cards. Granny, due to her age, already sees poorly.

But Nancy is very happy that so many people shared their warmth with her. Basically, these were not just congratulations, but whole stories of people. For the first time in a long time, Grandma didn’t feel alone.

It’s not just postcards, says Leo. “People write letters about their lives and the hardships they have faced. This lets my grandmother know that she is not alone in this world.

Leo is sure: now grandmother will have something to do on holidays. And about a thousand letters will keep her warm all winter.

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