The grandson went to his grandmother, but reached her after 93 days

Schoolboy Romeo Cox in 2019 moved with his family from England to the Italian city of Palermo. At 11, Romeo boasts a completed journey that many people are unable to make even at the age of 30.

Together with his father Phil, the boy decided not to go to heavenly Tuvalu, but to visit his 77-year-old grandmother Rosemary in London, according to the Daily Mail. And this is the only similarity of his story with the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”, because the student went to his goal in an even more difficult way.

Instead of convenient and generally any transport, both decided to take a long walk through Italy, Switzerland and France.

Romeo and Phil began their campaign, which did not flow smoothly into a detective story, as it sometimes happens, on June 20. They completed the journey only 93 days later, on September 21 at their destination – Great Britain.

According to the boy, during this time they lived almost the entire experience of real travelers. Two moved along their route on their feet, sometimes bicycles, and sometimes on the water in boats. The family often had to spend the night in churches, hostels and in the open.

We lost our way several times. We slept under an aspen nest, which was a bad idea, our legs were covered in blood, but we never even thought about giving up,” young Cox said.

In addition to these difficulties, the family had to fight a pack of dogs in Rome and learn how to tame a wild donkey, which they successfully achieved.

In the end, in mid-September, Romeo and Phil, after walking 2,800 kilometers, ended up in London at Trafalgar Square, where they were met by former neighbors and friends.

As we got closer, I kept thinking about how I would see my grandmother and how excited I was,” Romeo shared. I can’t wait to hug her, it’s been over a year since I last saw her. During isolation, she was all alone.

But with the meeting, the father and son will have to wait a bit: due to the raging COVID-19, both must spend two weeks in quarantine before they can see their relative. However, the main and important step has already been taken – they got to London and stocked up on impressions that they will probably not soon forget.

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