The groom made the bride cry, swearing another. But these were tears of happiness, because he showed true love.

The American during the marriage ceremony made his bride and all those present cry, swearing allegiance to the young girl. And this is not a stupid joke, but a beautiful act that can inspire hope in all the kids from single-parent families.

Kelsey and Jimmy from Allentown, New Jersey, USA, met each other as children when they went to the same kindergarten. Then fate divorced them, and for a long time they did not know anything about each other, until one day Jimmy added the girl as a friend on Facebook.

Kelsey began to notice that Jimmy was actively liking her posts and comments.
At Christmas 2017, I sent him a greeting on Facebook, and a week later we had our first date, and that’s how it all started.
After a month of active meetings, Kelsey, being a single mother, decided to introduce Jimmy to her seven-year-old daughter Olivia.

She planned a family dinner and invited her boyfriend. Kelsey was nervous, but she had a good feeling that did not disappoint – Jimmy and Olivia became friends instantly.

It was crazy! As if they already knew each other. They joked and laughed at me! It was great and so natural. They got along right away.
After a couple of years, the couple finally decided to get married. On the appointed day, Jimmy prepared a surprise for his future wife and stepdaughter. First, he swore an oath to his beloved, and then turned to Olivia.

Olivia, starting today, I promise to remind you every day how much I love you. I promise to teach, admonish and respect you until the end of our days. I promise never to treat you like I’m not my child, and I’m happy to call you my daughter. From this day on, you will truly be my daughter and the second love of my life. I love you Olivia.

After the vow, Jimmy gave his daughter a necklace with a precious stone, which he made especially for her to order – it is engraved with the name of Olivia and the date of the wedding of Jimmy and Kelsey.

Before he started talking, I had no idea what he was going to do. That was incredible. Olivia hugged Jimmy tightly, said she missed him all day, and then she cried.

Kelsey believes that what her husband did was not just for her and Olivia, but for all single moms.

I was a single mom for a very long time, I had really terrible relationships. I feel like it will give other single moms the confidence that there will be someone who will love you and your baby as much as they love their own.

Social media users could not ignore this story and admitted that it caused them strong emotions.

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