The guy built a house in a week and began to receive job offers from all over the world

A resident of Wales asked his son to build a house for his younger sister, and he did not let him down, but even surprised him. The guy created such a design that conquered people on the Web and became the subject of hunting for employers from several countries, although he had not even entered college yet.

Mark Williams, a 48-year-old Welsh man from Wrexham, decided to give his 14-year-old son Bradley a task. Its essence is to convert the gazebo on the home plot into a two-story toy house for the boy’s younger sister, Ellie Mae.

The man noted that helping his little daughter was not the only reason for him to give such a task to Bradley, who loves to create something with his own hands.

I decided to give Brad the task of designing and building a playhouse for my little sister in the gazebo we used as a barn, thus keeping him occupied and distracted from this PlayStation! — wrote the father of the family.

After that, the teenager went to work. It took him a week to get it all done, Mark assures. Moreover, the guy did most of the work himself, his father only helped him a little.

I helped him when he had work to do, he wasn’t sure about something or he just needed to pick something up until he cut his finger. After that, I became useless,” the man admitted to reporters.

Bradley, on the other hand, almost completely implemented the project on his own: from planning to painting the house. In this case, the whole idea cost him 200 pounds. A large part of the wood and other materials was brought to him by his father from the factory where he works.

Seven days later, the building was ready, which delighted the whole family – especially Ellie Mae. And after Mark (being a real proud dad) published a post about his son’s feat on a social network, thousands of people who admired Bradley’s talent learned about the house.

I shared the story of his project on facebook so people can see it. We couldn’t believe the reaction we got,” Mark said. The post has over 27 thousand likes and thousands of beautiful and incredible comments.

But this was not the only pleasant surprise. The guy was invited to work by several companies, including firms from Australia and the USA. This fact made both Bradley and his family very happy.

In addition, it gave the teenager confidence in his abilities, given that in the fall he will take a special course in construction at the college.

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