The guy came to the wedding of a friend and saw that the bride was his girlfriend. But it didn’t turn out the way he thought.

In Bargoyd, Wales, 40-year-old Paul Soproni came to a friend’s wedding and saw that the bride was the woman he was dating, Alisha Pilava. According to the Mirror, over the past few years, Paul proposed to Alisha a bunch of times, but she always refused.

While the guy was in shock, music began to play. Alisha took the microphone and began to sing the Motown song It Should’ve Been Me, and then knelt in front of Paul and proposed. The guests were aware of what was happening, but decided to play along with Alisha and not spoil the surprise.

Paul did not understand anything, answered “no” to the proposal and decided to quickly escape from the crazy party before he hurt someone.

But he quickly returned, kissed the bride and accepted the proposal.

Over the past two years, he asked me to marry 30 times a day, – Alisha said, – but I’m an HR student and manage two tire repair shops, so constantly getting a marriage proposal is quite tiring. In addition, I had already been married twice and did not really want to go through all this again.

The newlyweds met a few years ago at a party, now Paul works in one of the tire shops run by Alisha.

The girl said that it was not easy to organize everything in secret from Paul, and her lover suspected a couple of times that she was hiding something. But Alisha said she needed to be alone. Paul was also very late at work, and the girl used this to start preparing for the celebration.

When she proposed to me, I thought it was a joke. Even now I can fully believe that we got married. It’s amazing that Alisha organized everything herself, and I did not notice.

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