The happiest pensioner on earth: You will kindly be jealous when you you discover how she lives her life

For the past seven years, this woman has been living on the Crystal Serenity cruise ship. For Wachtsetter, this is not an easy decision. She sold her house in Florida in order to spend the rest of her life on one continuous journey. In an interview, she revealed that she has always loved cruises. She got to the first of them in 1962. She is now continuing her 283rd voyage. Lee spends $164,000 a year to continue living the life he lives in retirement. For this money, she lives in a private luxury cabin, tastes all the dishes in all the restaurants on the ship, and takes ballroom dancing in the evenings.

She is a frequent guest at dinner parties and cocktail parties. On the ship, she goes to cinemas, lectures and takes part in all the free entertainment offered.

“The crew members bend over to keep me happy. Some of them have already become like family to me. If they don’t have what I want, then they look for it. Even if for this they have to spend all the time on the ground during the stop. No one has ever been so attentive to me, ”says Lee.

Wachtsetter is called on the ship none other than “Mama Lee”.

Blogger Penny Ho, who met this woman on an Italian cruise in 2011, says she is the first person in the world to show her what it means to enjoy life.

Lee’s mom has been living at Crystal Serenity since 2008. longer than most crew members. She says that she chose this particular ship “because of its dance program.”

“My husband and I loved to travel. Before he died in 1997, he told me, “Lee, keep traveling. Never stop”. So I continue.”

Now Wachtsetter says that dancing, which she has been doing for the last 15 years of her life, has become her main hobby.

“Before I started living on this ship, I traveled the world on the Holland America. This went on for three years. And then they canceled the dance classes. And I decided to leave. I have been dancing every evening for several hours for many years now. And I always do it with an instructor.”

In addition, this grandmother says that she has visited more than a hundred countries in her life – both European and Asian. Her favorite city for walking is Istanbul. “I can’t resist visiting the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The outfits there are so gorgeously sparkly that they are perfect for ballroom dancing. In my cabin, of course, there is not much space, so I have to restrain myself. But when it comes to shopping, I jump ashore first.”

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