The homeless man cut his hair and did not recognize himself in the mirror. But his relatives did it for him, mourning for him for ten years.

A man went missing and his family thought he was dead until they saw a story on social media about a homeless man’s transformation. So ten years later, relatives did what they had long dreamed of, and this is the case when a new image really changes lives.

Brazilian musician and businessman Alessandro Lobo spotted a scruffy homeless man named Joao Coelho Guimarães near his clothing store and barbershop in the city of Goiania in mid-December. But instead of driving the man away, he offered to help him and asked if he needed food or clothes, writes Universo Online.

Instead, the guest asked Alessandro for one thing – a razor. Touched and kind-hearted by nature, the businessman did not give the tool to Joao, but instead invited him to go to the barbershop, where he was cut, shaved and dressed.

He was very shy and taciturn, but we noticed his satisfied look. Then he thanked us,” the man said.

Lobo later shared the result of his work and a truly impressive transformation of a man on his Instagram account. However, the man did not just want to brag about his success, but also to draw the attention of other entrepreneurs to the need to help those in need as often as possible.

Then Alessandro did not even guess that his act would literally change someone’s life. The businessman’s post was shared on the social network, as a result of which his mother and sister Joao saw him, who for several years thought he was dead.

The women immediately contacted Lobo and asked him to help find a relative who had neither a residential address nor any means of communication. As the entrepreneur managed to find out, Guimarães went missing ten years ago.

After a long search, the family decided that he was dead, and lived with this thought until they saw Alessandro’s publication. Although, perhaps, they could have found the truth earlier if they had searched better on Facebook and TikTok, which have already saved more than one family.

The day after the transformation of the homeless man, his mother and sister Maria came to the businessman’s store to find the missing Joao. The search took a little time, and soon the family has been finally reunited again.

Alessandro also managed to participate in the happy event, who was simply glad that his good deed really acquired large-scale positive consequences.

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