The homeless man opened his own business and bought his mother a house. Even a child can run such a business, because he himself is eight years old

The boy ended up on the street with his family, but he showed ingenuity and in eight months he was able to drastically change the lives of loved ones. He created a business that anyone can start in their own home – and all this at the age of eight.

In March 2020,Berenice Pacheco, an American from Los Angeles, like many, lost her job. The misfortune has led to the fact that she was among the homeless along with her three children, according to TODAY Parents.

The family of four had to live in a cramped barn, where the children did not even have a table at which they could do school homework. Living conditions were so bad that Berenice and the children had to go to the bathroom in a restaurant next door.

As a mother, it broke my heart. I felt like I was letting my kids down. The playground always made them happy, but then they were closed. We got stuck in that shed,” the woman said.

The eight-year-old son of Pacheco – Aaron – was especially hard to endure all the inconveniences and missed his former life. Once, jokingly, his mother suggested that he start his own business, with the money from which he could buy sweets from time to time.

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