The husband disconnected the dying wife from the devices, and then she whispered

It was like a nightmare for the whole family. Stephen Swap found his mother Lindy unconscious. The 45-year-old woman was in a coma for 12 days, so doctors advised the family to turn off life support.

It was an incredibly difficult decision for the family, but respecting Lindy’s desire to become an organ donor, her husband and two children made the difficult decision.

One by one, each one approached and whispered parting words to the mother. Lindy remembers everything. She even remembers how the doctors told her family what would happen to her next.

It was then that her husband whispered in her ear, “You must fight,” “You must be a fighter.” Lindy couldn’t speak, she couldn’t even signal, she couldn’t move. But she fought.

When her husband leaned over her to kiss her for the last time, a miracle happened. “I will fight,” Lindy whispered. The family was just dumbfounded. They had already said goodbye to their mother, but after they turned off the life support system, she was alive, and conscious. She fought.

The woman recovered, and now she tells everyone about how her husband’s words brought her back to life.

“If a person is unconscious, this does not mean that he does not hear you,” the woman says. So talk to your loved ones in such situations. They hear you!
This story proves that you should never give up and lose hope!

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