The husband told his wife that he gave all the money to the pregnant waitress. The reaction of wife was shocking

The head of the New Faith Christian Church in the American city of Stockbridge, Eusebio Phelps, changed the life of a girl, and for this, he just needed to make an order in a cafe. The man decided to have breakfast at the Waffle House chain of eateries and was amazed by the kindness of the waitress Hannah Hill.

Even on the phone, Phelps was struck by the kindness and sincerity of the girl, and when he came to pick up the order, he was finally convinced of this. Not only did the girl make the best impression on him, he saw that she was pregnant.

The man gave all the money to the pregnant waitress when he found out what she was going to name the unborn child

It only took the Bishop a short conversation to realize that Hannah had big money problems and was going through hard times, despite the imminent birth of a child.

Phelps felt sorry for the future mother and gave her all the money that was in his wallet – $ 40 (three thousand rubles) so that she could buy something for the child.

The man gave all the money to the pregnant waitress when he found out what she was going to name the unborn child

Before leaving, the priest asked Hanna what she was going to name the baby, and after her answer, he realized: fate itself made it so that they met. It turned out that the girl had already chosen a name – Samuel. The same name was given to Phelps’ son, who tragically died in 2013.

When the pastor returned home after work, he immediately told his wife about a new acquaintance and a desire to help the girl. Together they decided to share the story with Phelps’ many Facebook followers and asked for their help.

The couple thought they could raise a few hundred dollars for Hannah, but people were much more responsive.

I asked you to help me raise some money for Hannah. When I woke up, I saw 1079 dollars in my account! By evening, the amount had grown to $1,914! Four more donations of $22 each and we’ll hit $2,000!

However, this time the holy father underestimated his subscribers. Day by day the amount was getting bigger and bigger. The parishioners blessed Phelps’ efforts and hoped that their money would help the expectant mother.

I can’t wait for you to make her happy! This is one of the best deeds of our flock.

I am glad that I could be a part of this divine gift for a young mother.

Finally, the day came that the parishioners and acquaintances of the pastor had been waiting for. He came to the Waffle House with gifts for Hannah and a check for $12,000 (920,000 rubles). However, the girl was not there.

I was sleeping in my colleague’s minivan in the diner’s parking lot when my stepmother called me and said that I had to come to work urgently, the girl told reporters.

The waitress did not expect that the man with whom they exchanged just a few words would again be in front of her. The pastor introduced Hannah to his daughters and presented her with gifts and letters from caring people who were touched by the story of their acquaintance. He also handed her a check in the presence of the touched guests of the establishment.

Me, my daughter and my boyfriend had nowhere to live. Thanks to Bishop Phelps and his congregation, I can now pay my rent at home and prepare for my baby in peace. I stopped going to church a long time ago and did not share my problems with anyone. But this incident made me believe in God and people again.

The grateful girl now always stays in touch with Phelps and has already invited him to celebrate the purchase of her first car together.

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