“The kindergarten teacher noticed that one girl was always picked up by her father, and her mother didn’t even come for parent-teacher meetings. She decided to find out everything about them and asked her colleague.”

My husband and I struggled with doctors and hospitals for a long time. We couldn’t conceive a child, despite seven years of unsuccessful examinations and treatments. Feeling disheartened about our ability to have our biological child, we decided to adopt. Initially, we thought of adopting a girl, but when we saw him, we immediately realized he was our long-awaited son. He was seven months old at the time but looked at us with such a meaningful gaze, as if asking, “Haven’t you been searching for me for so long?”

Although he was seven months old, he weighed only six kilograms. He had a few health issues and was always hungry. The way he reacted to food was remarkable; as soon as he saw a plate of food, he would squirm and reach out for it. We spent two years in and out of hospitals, but now our troubles are behind us.

“We decided to adopt a child from the orphanage. We wanted a girl, but when we saw him, we immediately knew – he was our son. However, he had several health issues. We decided to fight for him. It’s been 10 years now.”

We believed that love and care would heal him, and that’s exactly what happened. is now ten years old and enjoys good health, indistinguishable from his peers.

is in the third grade and takes his school responsibilities seriously. He helps around the house, and his health is excellent. The childhood illnesses are a thing of the past without any lingering effects.

When I come home from work and see his eyes glowing with joy, I understand that this is the happiest moment of my life. What can be more desired for parents than the love of their child? Our little boy is the greatest happiness we could have hoped for in life. I’m confident it will always be this way. Always.

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