The little girl is dancing the Lezginka. I want a daughter like that.

Observed at a concert after jeepin in the Ash River Valley. What an artistic child! The original song ”

It Happened That We Fell in Love” by Beslan Bogatyrev and Aslan Makushev – Love for children unites all nationalities and normal people.
Super! A little girl is dancing the Lezginka. The Lezginka, characterized by musical accompaniment in a 6/8 rhythm, a lively and fast-paced, energetic dance tempo, is considered exemplary and classic.
Lezginka is an ancient solo male and paired dance. The dance is most spectacular when performed in national costumes and accompanied by a musical ensemble.
In a general sense, it is the Russian-language collective name for all the national dances of the Caucasian mountaineers. The etymology is traced back to the name of the people – the Lezgins.

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